Introducing: Landmarks


Image: PR

Manchester four-piece Landmarks have taken a break from touring over the last few months for a very good reason; to revaluate their sound, resulting in a step back from the familiar territory of pop-punk and delving into the darker world of alt-rock, which is where they have emerged with the upcoming release of new EP In Spite of it All, from which the lead single ‘Cutting Strings’ has now been unleashed.

There have been some definite bumps in the road as Landmarks embarked on the path to a new sound – mainly the two studio break-ins during the recording process which led to a load of stolen equipment and the band left in limbo. But, in true spirit of the underground alternative industry, this only pushed Landmarks even harder, determined to make their new EP the best they could.

In Spite of it All, which is released on 12th August via Scylla Records, shows the band grow from a bunch of youthful pop-punk skater kids to something much more mature, sombre and rich, with more flavour and depth than their earlier releases.

With an exciting new direction on the horizon, now is the perfect time to check out Landmarks!

You can find out more about Landmarks here.


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