Review: Witterquick – Beneath The Spinning Lights


Image: Album artwork

Sometimes being in the right place at the right time becomes more than just a tired cliche but, instead, it can change your life; Exeter alt-rock band Witterquick are the perfect example of that, emerging at a time where British rock bands similar to themselves such as Lonely the Brave and Nothing But Thieves are seeing success and, as a result, this five-piece are celebrating a recent label signing along with the release of their debut EP, Beneath the Spinning Lights.

The record opens, and it doesn’t fail to impress from the first moment; with a solid opening rhythm, a Muse-like alt-rock funk and a great vocal range that soars beautifully throughout the EP. The big, atmospheric chorus in ‘Soldiers’ is the first of many, cementing their place as potential arena rock. They slot nicely into the boom of Brit-rock that we’re hearing from indie-alt bands of late, with the upbeat pop of ‘Fade Out’ being quite an easy tune to jam to whilst still retaining the alternative sound.

The voice of mellow track ‘The Road’ reminds us of the clean vocals heard in more subtle Enter Shikari creations (‘Adieu’ or ‘Dear Future Historians…’), only further solidifying the idea that Witterquick have settled nicely into the British rock scene. With a calm yet determined sound and those earthy, rocky British vocals that we so often associate with the UK’s alternative scene, it’s obvious that Witterquick have already established precisely where they need to be with their debut.

Beneath the Spinning Lights could do with cranking up the tempo just a touch every once in a while and, despite their unshakeably solid sound, they might need a little more unique spark to stand out. However, this is a very mature, smooth and accomplished first EP which can be a brilliant springboard into riskier territory next time.

Beneath the Spinning Lights by Witterquick is released on 17th June via LAB Records.


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