REVIEW: As Sirens Fall – The Hospital Party

as sirens fall ep

Image: Promo

Fresh from announcing they will be appearing at this year’s Download Festival via the RIP Camping Village, the West Yorkshire five-piece As Sirens Fall are set to unleash their debut EP The Hospital Party. We’ve taken a listen to see if the band have managed to build upon their debut single ‘From Across The Waves.

This EP kicks off on much the same vein as the aforementioned single, with a big, punchy riff brought to us by the opening track ‘Where You Are’. From this huge beginning we find ourselves diving us into a more ambient verse, before being pulled back with an overwhelming chorus. The contrasting dynamics between verse and chorus seem to be a feature of this EP, continuing on into next song ‘Lonely Tomorrow’, which has a much more all-round upbeat feel.

As each song comes and goes, you really get a feel for what this band is about, shown in the darker side of the next couple of songs, especially with ‘State of the Artist’.  The intricate guitar extends the vocalist into a harsher, screaming style with real venom behind his words.

The EP neatly wraps up with ‘Last Goodbyes’, a nice, easy-going pop rock song to complete a smartly put-together taste of a band that has great potential. Overall, this is a solid release from As Sirens Fall and, as they grow and develop their sound, they could become something really special.

The Hospital Party by As Sirens Fall is released on 8th July via self-release.


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