REVIEW: Surviving The Era – Parallax

surviving the era album

Image: Album artwork

Too much alt-rock is truly never enough. And since we’re all about angsty tunes and discovering new bands, we thought we’d give the Parallax EP by Sacramento rockers Surviving The Era a listen.

The quintet have a way of blending ’90s/early ’00s alt-rock with more of a modern take on the genre. Though not actively screaming in your face or piling on the pointless, generic breakdowns, Surviving The Era manage to load their tracks with solid amounts of aggression and some good old fashion angst.

Filled with catchy post-hardcore style riffs and a fair bit of unclean vocals, ‘Queen of the Sea’ is a punchy, emo-blended alt-rock tune. The thick, moody track is steady throughout, becoming a little repetitive after a couple minutes. The song is solid, but definitely lacking a little something.

Upbeat ‘City Church’ highlights the band’s impressive use of heavy tones and cleverly thought out melodies to deliver weighty alt-rock tunes. ‘City Church’ effortlessly blends 90s alt-rock with some emo vibes—and even throws in some subtle hints of pop-punk for good measure! Ryan Sollom’s smooth, buttery vocals are a refreshing change of pace from the usual, high-pitched sounds the fill the alt music scene.

‘Here In The Dark’ is one of our favourites off the EP. The first verse of the track does have a very The Juliana Theory vibe to it (TJT’s 2002 Love album), however, the rest of the song has more of a modern alt-rock feel. The track is filled with intricate instrumental work, and just one of the silkiest, catchiest guitar hooks we’ve ever heard. That chorus, man!

From the emo-rock sounds of ‘Give It Up’ to the magnetic alt-rock ‘Maps’, Surviving The Era are all about variety. Parallax is just an honest, no-bullshit EP and it really shows massive potential from the quintet. We will definitely be keeping an eye out for them!

Parallax by Surviving The Era is released on 18th June via self-released.


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