Review: River Becomes Ocean – December

december ep

Image: Album artwork

Are you a fan of post-Sempiternal era Bring Me The Horizon, While She Sleeps and Pierce The Veil? If so, then River Becomes Ocean could be your new favourite band. If not… Well, it’s probably best you go and get on with the gardening or something whilst the weather is still nice (seriously, don’t forget that the British Summer lasts all of about three days). Loud, symphonic and jammed packed with five of the most dramatic tracks we’ve heard in a while, it’s a treat for those who prefer their hardcore a little more over the top.

Opener, ‘We Will‘ gently builds an atmosphere of tension with its sparse beginning, before dropping into a cacophony of roaring guitars and melodramatic orchestral melodies. Its verses feel a little flat in comparison to its choruses, which have all guns blazing to a dazzling effect, but still manage to hold up to create an overall sense of power throughout it’s three minutes and fifty one seconds of play time.

Seven‘ and ‘Buried At Sea‘ carry on the feeling of something bigger than the sum of it’s parts. It’s clear that these guys don’t have the budget to work with that acts like BMTH do (and let’s face it, who does?), yet you have to respect at just how hard they push to make every penny and every moment of studio time count. Things may sound a little more DIY, but this actually adds to the charm that these guys have. Closing track ‘For Now‘ is probably the best example of what makes this method of doing things so personal to RBO. It’s a tender ballad that rounds off what is all too short a time together with this Brighton based Post Hardcore outfit. brimming with some truly heartfelt lyricism and raw, pure vocal performances, brought out of their shells by the lack of polishing and, for want of a better phrase, pissing about with.

A solid release from a band who, if they play their cards right, have a promising future ahead.

Just remember, you heard about them here first.

December by River Becomes Ocean is out on 21st June via self-release.


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