REVIEW: The Interrupters – Say It Out Loud

interrupters album

Image: Album artwork

The Interrupters are back with their second album Say It Out Loud, following up their 2014 self-titled debut. The Los Angeles-based ska-punks have been working with Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong who produced this record out of his own studio (as well as Travis Barker’s Opra Studios). We’ve taken a listen to see what this hard-working quartet have got for us this time round.

Right from the outset Say It Out Loud hooks us straight in with an upbeat and energetic start. Opening track ‘By My Side’ really does sum up what The Interrupters are all about: loyalty, family, friendship and unity are all on offer here, and it’s presented perfectly in the chorus lyrics “but if I do die, do die, I know you’ll be by my side.” It’s a theme that runs right though the whole record; in ‘Divide Us Recall’ we hear a chant of “They’re trying to divide us, that will only multiply us”, and it may come as no surprise that final track ‘Loyal’ has this theme at its core.

One thing that’s clear as you listen to this album is that this band care about the world they live in and the many challenges we all face in life. Each track tells a story, whether that’s domestic violence, corruption, politics or standing together, every word sung by front-woman Aimee Interrupter has real feeling behind it.

Interrupter is backed by bandmates guitarist Kevin Bivona, bassist Justin Bivona, and drummer Jesse Bivona. Together they deliver an up-stroke driven ska-punk sound mixed with elements of more straight-up punk on tracks like ‘On A Turntable Recall’. It may not be the most diverse album you’ll here this year, but one thing’s for certain; this is a well-polished and consistently fun album, and definitely one you wouldn’t regret adding to your collection.

Say It Out Loud by The Interrupters is out on the 24th June via Hellcat Records.


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