5 videos that give you reason to love Matt Skiba

Matt Skiba is the most recent addition to the new blink-182 crew and we’ve finally been able to catch our first glimpse of him alongside new bandmates Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker with the new video for latest single ‘Bored to Death‘- which is totally awesome and can be checked out below!

If you’re still not sure that Matt Skiba is the right man for the job because you’re too hung up mourning the loss of emo king Tom DeLonge (R.I.P) that might down to the fact that you’re unfamiliar with the enormous back catalogue of punk tunes that Skiba has churned out over the years with Alkaline Trio. We’re pretty convinced, but if you still find yourself on the fence then check out these five career highlights from Skiba’s past and we’re pretty sure you’ll fall in love with the latest blink-182 member.

Mercy Me

Okay, so Matt Skiba can’t take all the credit when it comes to Alkaline Trio’s success- take this dual vocal hit for example, which features the best of Skiba alongside second frontman Dan Andriano.

Calling All Skeletons

It’s not only in the studio where Skiba sounds awesome; he can also crack out a decent live performance too, as you can see from this infectiously catchy song.

This Addiction

This song is pretty much as addictive as its title, and it’s a steady fan favourite that shows just why Alkaline Trio were one of the best pop-punk bands of their generation.

She Lied to the FBI

One of the more recent Alkaline Trio hits, this is a perfect example of how this band have barely changed their winning formula over the years and yet still remain as awesome as ever, never really getting old.

Stupid Kid

 From one of their most loved albums, this tune just perfectly sums up what it is we adore so much about Alkaline Trio- pure punk angst, mixed in with some good old fashioned pop hooks!


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