What are musicians saying about the EU referendum?

The biggest decision that most of us Brits will ever make about the future of our country is happening today, and it’s sending the internet into meltdown. The EU Referendum vote, where UK residents will decide whether we remain in or leave the EU, is upon us, and almost everyone has had their say- especially those in the music industry!

Enter Shikari frontman Rou Reynolds posted an interesting podcast sharing his views earlier this month and, if you’re still undecided and have time to learn more before heading out to vote today, his opinions might help you make up your mind.

If you don’t fancy sitting down to a 35 minute podcast, however, and are just a little curious about what your favourite bands and artists in the UK are saying about the whole thing, we’ve got a bunch of tweets for you to check out below!

Kier Kemp, FVK

Max Raptor

Sean Smith, ex-The Blackout

Becky Blomfield, Milk Teeth

Dan Bratton, Creeper

Oli Sykes, Bring Me The Horizon

Laurence Beveridge, FVK


Miss Vincent

Remember, everyone has a voice, everyone has a say. Vote!


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