REVIEW: Eat Defeat – Time And Tide

eat defeat ep

Image: Album artwork

Leeds-based pop-punk band Eat Defeat have spent the last couple of years headlining UK and mainland Europe. With a couple of EP’s and an album under their belts, they have just released their new EP Time and Tide.

The EP kicks off with fast-paced and frantic drumming in ‘DIYTanic’, which continues into the verse with hard-hitting guitar to compliment the sound. The chorus lets the vocals come through clearly, showing their skilled harmonies, before picking straight up again to the end of the song. ‘Shortcuts’ is no different with its energy, smothering us with that racing pop-punk vibe we all love.

‘Make or Break’ breaks the EP up a little with its slower pace. Although it starts off as lively as the previous songs on this EP, the lyrics make you think and want to sway instead of bob your head. You need a break from dancing though, right?

The pace is driven right up again in ‘The North Remembers’. With punchy guitar riffs leading this song, you just can’t help but tap your feet. The harmonies shine through once again and makes for a fun-loving song. The EP ends on a high with ‘Dead and Gone’, with a catchy chorus to get stuck in your head. The guitar arrangement in this song displays they have experimented to break up the song a little, with simple but memorable riffs splitting up the verses and chorus.

Overall, you can’t help but smile throughout this EP. Their sound isn’t so unique that they may risk blending in to the crowd, but Eat Defeat are an upbeat band with great potential.


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