Review: Happy Accidents – You Might Be Right

happy accidents album

Image: Album artwork

British alternative trio Happy Accidents are making their Alcopop! Records debut with the release of latest album You Might Be Right, but we reckon there’s much more than a record label behind their winning sound; no, we’d rather put it down to their indie-pop charm, insatiably uplifting melodies and cool, off-beat vocals.

From first track ‘But You’re Probably Wrong’, we’re instantly won over. The endearing, overwhelming sweetness of Happy Accidents is blatant, with the British indie-rock of ‘Leaving Parties’ reminding us of a similar hometown quirk to the likes of when Arctic Monkeys first hit the scene. Despite a much more consistently light ’n’ bright vibe, especially in tracks such as ‘Spinning’ and ‘Running’, they still hint towards a crossover Nirvana-come-Pixies grunge in ‘Feel the Same (Unfavourably)’ and rattle the cage with the rocky, riff-heavy ‘Sorry I’m Late’. It’s this juxtaposition between a feisty attitudes and light-hearted melodies- like a British Best Coast– that make Happy Accidents so darn likeable.

As if their homespun quirks weren’t attractive enough, the humble, stripped-back intimacy of this record allows us to feel closer to Happy Accidents, as if watching this indie-pop band jam together in their living rooms rather than hearing a meticulously produced album. Even the introductory “one, two, three, four” of ‘Quiet’ sounds innocent and homey, and it’s that quality that enables the listener to really feel part of something throughout You Might Be Right. ‘Facts and Figures’ becomes even more pleasant with the most prominent addition yet of the band’s female vocals- somewhere between the likes of Muncie Girls and Kate Nash– relaying a real roots-y charm.

Sounding like an album of acoustic bonus tracks tacked onto the end of one another, Happy Accidents have created a record of cute, unexpected treats that show a close-up, personable band that could easily steal the hearts of music lovers all over the country.

You Might Be Right by Happy Accidents is released on 1st July via Alcopop! Records.


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