I’ll be honest – I really don’t get Twenty One Pilots

twenty one pilots

Image: YouTube

I think I’m alone here, but I’m tired of pretending that, yes, of course I think Blurryface is a great album, who DOESN’T?! Whereas in actual fact, I’ve checked them out on YouTube, read news articles about them, flicked through their album tracks and, in all honesty, I really don’t think I get what Twenty One Pilots are all about. Like… what’s the big deal?

Little more than a year ago, I think I’d heard of Twenty One Pilots perhaps once or twice in my lifetime and, despite being vaguely aware of their existence floating somewhere around the stratosphere, they weren’t really on my radar- or that of anyone’s I knew. But, all of a sudden, a bunch of people were clogging up my social media feeds last summer with how freakin’ excited they were about FINALLY being able to see Twenty One Pilots because they NEVER come to play shows in Britain and their new song is AMAZING and everyone loves them SO MUCH. It was a little manic, really- but it did peak my interest. Who were the mysterious Twenty One Pilots I was suddenly hearing all about, and what was all the fuss over?

So I looked them up. And you know what I came across? Two guys who looked pretty interesting but whose rock-alt-electro-rap-hip-hop, like some Frankenstein’s Monster of music, just ended up kind of… well, boring me. Sure, after ten or twenty listens (not voluntary ones, but it’s hard to escape) I’ll admit that ‘Stressed Out’ has finally caught on as something of a catchy tune. But as for everything else, I just find it difficult to work out how people can get so hyped about something so mellow and minimalist.

I’m not saying I’m not open to Twenty One Pilots; in fact, I want to join the club! I long to be in on the act, because it’s not all that fun standing on the outside being continually baffled every time the twosome release another single or perform another show and everyone loses their minds all over again. I want to lose my mind too! So please, someone teach me the ways of Twenty One Pilots fandom; but, until then, I’m afraid I just don’t get it.


One response to “I’ll be honest – I really don’t get Twenty One Pilots

  1. twenty one pilots is a band you make your own, you use their music for your own problems, or your own blurryface. Blurryface is technically a concept album even when Tyler said it’s not, from Heavydirtysoul to Goner it is talking about how Tyler is fighting through his blurryface, or his insecurities/doubt. the black on his hands and neck represent being insecure with the things he creates, and the suffocation he feels with his insecurities. if you really want to get into them and make their music your own, listen to the album “Vessel” it has a lot more deeper music to listen to and think about


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