4 reasons why you should check out I See Stars’ new album Treehouse


Image: Album artwork

Electronicore band I See Stars has gone through some major changes since the release of their 2015 acoustic album Phases. The band parted ways with unclean vocalist Zach Johnson and guitarist Jimmy Gregerson, which changed the whole dynamic of the band. It also surprisingly led clean vocalist Devin Oliver to take on the role of unclean vocals too.

We were definitely expecting some variation with this new album, and though Treehouse shows a very eclectic side of the band, it definitely feels like their most mature and genuine album to date.

It would take too long to explain every reason why we think Treehouse is a great album, but here are just a few of the reasons why we dig it and why you should too

1. Treehouse cuts out the bullshit (and generic breakdowns) that fill the scene

Honestly, how many times do we need to hear the same metalcore breakdown regurgitated in every song?

The album is filled with cleverly thought out metalcore elements. These are sometimes subtly entwined in the background, and occasionally take the form of a glass-shattering breakdown (like the ones in ‘Mobbin’ Out’). However, this album focuses more on the exciting EDM elements ISS are known to use and shines a light on Devin Oliver’s incredible vocals.

2. The perfect simplicity of synthy dream track ‘Walking On Gravestones’

I See Stars are very skilled at using electronic components to make uncomplicated songs very elaborate and captivating. The mesmerising 2 and a half minute ‘iBelieve’ off their 2012 album Digital Renegade is one of their best (and most underrated) songs, and ‘Walking on Gravestones’ is just as enchanting.

3. ‘All In’ aka the weirdest, most unique I See Stars track ever made

The band’s unusual R&B-infused track is definitely one that could take them mainstream. With a hook fit for Drake or R&B singer Jeremih, I See Stars definitely have varied influences for this massive tune. Though featuring their usual synthy beats and some well-placed breakdowns, the song is very different from a typical ISS track. And it’s obviously going to be incredible live!

4. You can hear Devin Oliver’s vocals in full effect

Devin Oliver has a very distinctive voice, and usually, we don’t hear as much of it as we’d like to because of the whole two-vocalist-balance thing (don’t get us wrong, we loved the unclean vocals too), but this release is all about Devin’s stunning voice. It’s all Devin, all the time.

Treehouse is an exciting release showcasing a very experimental side of I See Stars. The album is filled with intricate, catchy melodies, energetic synthy flourishes and impressive, striking vocals. We dig it.


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