Mourning the loss of Fearless Vampire Killers


We’re still reeling from the shock announcement that our favourite goth-punk outfit Fearless Vampire Killers are calling it a day. We’ve seen plenty in the British underground scene crash and burn because, let’s face it, music is a bloody difficult place to be. But we never expected a band with seemingly undying determination and limitless creativity to fall into the same sorry trap.

The band haven’t made a secret of what went down, so here’s a little catch up for anyone who missed it: vocalist Kier Kemp made the bummer decision to leave and the other band members, with whom Kemp has been best friends practically his whole life, felt it wasn’t right to carry the FVK torch without him, so they hung up their instruments and called the whole thing off- and left a string of devastated fans and heartfelt messages in their wake. Here’s what the band had to say on the sitch:

We’re big fans of FVK here at Drop This (check out part one and two of our interview with Laurence Beveridge and Drew Woolnough earlier this year), finding their unique theatrical flare and creative, unshakable fan-base inspiring. Our music industry will now lack these qualities, and our alternative world is a little bleaker without them in it. However, we don’t want to dwell on the bad news; instead, we’d rather celebrate everything this band brought to the table over the years. Check out our top five FVK music videos from the start of their incredible journey right up until the end.

Fetish for the Finite

We’re taking you way back before drummer Luke Illingworth even joined the band for one of their earliest videos, ‘Fetish for the Finite’. Of all their early hits, this is one song that stuck through the ages and was still performed live at some of their latest gigs. Aw, look at those baby faces!

Could We Burn, Darling? 

Not only ones of our favourites, but ‘Could We Burn, Darling?’ is a firm fan favourite too. It’s pretty macabre (but then what FVK song isn’t?) but there’s something irresistibly fun about it as well, and that’s the band at their best.

All Hallows Evil

Creepy, heavy, gothic- just a few words to describe FVK’s one-off hit ‘All Hallows Evil’. With its fan-filled video and typical terrifying theme, this track will be a memory that the FVKillers can hold onto forever.


It’s a shame it took this long for FVK to really come up with their ‘hit’ single, but we can forgive them as it arrived in the form of killer track ‘Maeby’. Releasing this has got to be one of their career highlights, and that’s something this band can- and should- always be proud of.


The final music video released by FVK is the dark yet lovable ‘Regret’, which features Kier Kemp taking on lead vocals- an unexpected goodbye, but a fitting send-off nonetheless.


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