REVIEW: Farewell, My Love – Above It All

Above It All artwork

Image: Promo

We’ve got hair-raising metal riffs. We’ve got dark themes of gothic proportions. We’ve got ultra-modern, synth-infused post-hardcore. And somewhere, thrown into the mix in between it all, we’ve got Farewell, My Love with their latest full-length release Above It All.

There are a couple of lazy comparisons to make in an attempt to pinpoint a place on the musical spectrum for Farewell, My Love- My Chemical Romance or, for our more familiar British readers, FVK, would be perfect examples. But even then, both of these bands are known for their genre-defying tenacity and Farewell, My Love are no different… so that doesn’t really help us, does it?

Touching upon almost every alternative genre we can think of, Above It All really is a jack of all trades. From the high vocal range and electro sounds of contemporary post-hardcore in ‘Burn Out the Night’ to the bouncy American pop of ‘Crazy’ and the sinister, vampiric ‘Last Goodbye’, no-one can deny the infinite light and shade of this album. We hear mind-boggling metal riffs and sparkling pop-punk one minute, and emphatic anthems and melodic ballads the next; there really is no telling where Farewell, My Love are heading next, and that’s pretty exciting.

However, thanks to this same ongoing variety, things get a tad messy. With so many musical flavours overspilling from this album, we find ourselves losing the plot slightly as we try desperately to keep up. The theatricality keeps coming in waves with tracks such as ‘Skip the Memories II’ and ‘Inside a Nightmare’ and, while we’re all for jazz hands, it does verge on try-hard cheesy, as if struggling to bring some glamour to the party without becoming Twilight vampires of the alternative world.

If Above It All were a blind date we’d just spent the evening with and were texting our friend to tell them what we made of our latest romantic conquest, we’d probably resort to an age-old phrase and describe them as having a “big personality”- code for the likes of obnoxious, unapologetic, loud, tactless… but boy, they sure were fun!

Above It All by Farewell, My Love is released on 22nd July via self-release.


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