REVIEW: Chapter And Verse – The Wolves Back Home

chapter and verse ep.jpg

Image: Promo

Four-piece band Chapter And Verse from London are set to release their new EP The Wolves Back Home this month, and we’ve managed to check it out- in fact, we’ve been playing it over and over!

The Wolves Back Home is an interesting EP; in the good way, of course! Every track has meaning behind it and, listening to the record, you begin to understand the messages this band are trying to get across to their audience. The EP, with its total of five songs, is hugely enjoyable to listen to with its catchy vibe which, after spinning the record a few times, we found ourselves not being able to help listening again and again thanks to its getting-stuck-in-your-head quality.

The great guitar riffs in this release flow smoothly with the other instruments, proving you really can’t skimp out on the production values with an EP like this because, as Chapter And Verse show, it certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. Pay close attention to the guitar, but don’t let it distract you from the incredible vocals; there’s some pretty great range going on there, and it fits seamlessly with this record’s passionate lyrics.

For us, The Wolves Back Home is 110% per cent an absolute hit, making for Chapter And Verse to have potential as ones to watch in the future. This EP is not at all one to push aside- it’s one to turn up the volume louder and louder!

The Wolves Back Home by Chapter And Verse is released on 15th July via self-release.


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