REVIEW: Rob Lynch – Baby, I’m A Runaway

rob lynch album

Image: Album artwork

Nowadays you see hundreds of generic singer-songwriters trying to make it big, but few actually make something of themselves. London-based Rob Lynch has captured hearts of many over the years while touring with the likes of Charlie Simpson and Augustines, and travelling with America’s Warped Tour. Now he’s about to drop his second album Baby, I’m a Runaway, and this is what we thought!

‘Sure Thing’ is the first single to be dropped and, after listening to the whole album, we can see why. It sums up the general feel of the album both lyrically and musically, discussing conflicting emotions. The lyrics may be quite low, but the music makes you feel like everything is going to be okay, which sums up Rob Lynch pretty well.

We are welcomed with punchy guitar riffs and chords in the opening track ‘Prove it!’. Its uplifting  and motivational message in the chorus- “If you’ve got something to say then just say it”- urges that little voice inside of all of us to just do what we want to do. The song ‘Runaway’, in which the album takes its title, drips with sincerity. It is songs like this that beautifully portray Rob Lynch’s ability to story-tell, while giving us that positive sound to bop our heads to, and is guaranteed to get stuck in your brain later in the day.

Tracks like ‘Selfish Bones’ and ‘Closer’ share charming melodies that blend with the truthful lyrics about apology, self worth and relationships. Which is something most people can relate to in some way or another.

We love experiencing a little nostalgia, and tracks like ‘Tectonic Plates’ and ‘Youth’ do just that. As soon as we hear gentle guitar picking, and his soft and soothing voice to compliment, we are sure this is going to be a song with substance and genuine feelings- and we’re not wrong!

‘Salt Spring’ has more of an edgy rock feel to it, with its slight sound of static behind the bass guitar in the verses, taking us back to punk days. The chorus changes it up from the rest of the song as it adds in hard guitar chords, but is unbelievably catchy lyrically.

Rob Lynch takes us on a emotional journey with this album, telling us tales of relationships and family. He seems to have found his sound and is going with it freely, setting him apart from other singer-songwriters and with these skills, we have no doubt he’ll go far.

Baby, I’m a Runaway by Rob Lynch is out on 22nd July via Xtra Mile Recordings.



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