REVIEW: Grieving – Demonstrations

grieving album

Image: Album artwork

Cambridge-based alt-rock band Grieving are set to release their debut EP Demonstrations. Although they are still fairly new to the scene, Grieving aren’t wasting any time; on top of this first release, they are set to announce two mini-tours later this year as well as already sharing the stage with the likes of Muncie Girls and Tellison. We’ve taken a listen to see what they have to offer…

We kick off with the first track ‘My Friend, The Ghost‘. It’s a laid-back vibe, which makes it a strange choice for the open track of an EP, a moment when you’d usually expect to be hit with something maybe a little more up tempo; instead, it’s more of a gentle welcoming. It does pick up in the choruses but, considering this song is five minutes long, it never really gets going.

But the record springs to life with ‘Ownership‘, a bass driven, Pixes-esque, all-round more energetic and upbeat number. It drags you in with a guitar-heavy opening riff and powerful, raw vocals on lines such as “Why? / Don’t we feel like we’re a part of this”. It feels edgy and tense, and is far more enjoyable, much the same as next track ‘No Sleep‘, which carries on a similar vein with a warm, crunchy guitar tone.

Little Armoured‘ follows up and showcases Grieving’s diverse song-writing abilities. The contrast in dynamics is most note-worthy here; gentle musicianship and slow musical builds are met with harsh vocals ’til it all builds nicely to an Artic Monkeys-style outro. The final track ‘Warmest Jets‘ is short, punchy and straight to the point.

Overall, this is decent first release- it has plenty of enjoyable moments, especially with the aforementioned ‘Ownership‘ as the stand-out song. But, with that being said, there are also hurdles to overcome where maybe it could be a much snappier record.

Demonstrations by Grieving is released on 29th July via self-release


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