5 awesome YouTube channels you NEED to check out!

Let’s face it; these days, YouTube is where it’s at. While there’s some scary (and, quite frankly, bizarre) stuff out there, the world of YouTube videos can be an awesome gateway to all sorts of weird and wonderful music, fashion, opinions and quirky, alternative lifestyles that we just love. Here are some of our favourite YouTube channels that you won’t regret checking out.

Zoe London

Zoe London is doing it for the girls with her supremely cool and fantastically empowering YouTube channel. Primarily a fashion and beauty vlogger, Zoe London has some great tips on all things hair, make-up and clothes and, judging by her own forever on-point chic, we’re all ears. However, given her place in the alternative music scene in the UK, London also manages to wriggle some pretty sweet artists into her videos, especially when it comes to her hilarious Band Does My Make Up and Festival Postcard uploads. Be prepared to fully immerse yourself in the world of fashion, music and London with this channel.

Ten Second Songs

For something quick, simple but very, very cool to share around with your mates and watch go viral before your eyes, look no further than Ten Second Songs. It pretty much does what it says on the tin (but somehow still manages to blow our minds!); musician Anthony Vincent performs cover versions of some of the most popular, well-known hits ever made, but there’s an awesome twist- each song is performed for ten seconds in the style of another artist. Want to hear Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ sung like Nickelback? Want to know what Adele’s ‘Hello’ would sound like if it was released by Deadmau5? Ten Second Songs has got you covered!


Next up is Bryan Stars who, let’s be honest, is pretty much out there living our dream right now. Dropping out of college to create his own YouTube channel, Stars has gone from scrappy underdog to interviewing sensation, managing to bag spots with some of the most popular alternative artists in the US, not to mention hopping on amazing opportunities such as regularly touring with Warped Tour and hosting his own nationwide tour with the likes of Ghost Town and Farewell, My Love. Nowadays he even hosts his own workshops for wide-eyed kids who want to be just like their idol, fluffy hair and all. Check out his brilliant DIY interviews, amusing challenges and inspired games with some great bands.


A slight change in direction here, but bear with us; there are a whole bunch of reasons you should give ItsWayPastMyBedtime a moment of your time. Hosted by Carrie Hope Fletcher (sister of McFly frontman and also YouTube star Tom Fletcher), ItsWayPastMyBedtime features some of the most beautiful, pitch-perfect cover songs to ever grace the vlog-o-sphere as well as some inspiring posts on body shaming, insecurity and social media which are super encouraging and enlightening for anyone who hopes to be in the industry and/or the public eye one day. Being a musician, West End star, writer and relative of a boyband sensation, Carrie is a creative hub who certainly knows a thing or two.

Nibbles Official

Another great lifestyle channel incorporating music and alternative fashion into her videos is that of Nibbles Official. Once upon a time, Nibbles Official was a page visited mainly for knowing almost everything there is to know about tattoos- “Where should I get a tattoo? How do I design a tattoo? How do I look after my tattoo?”- all questions were answered here. However, Nibbles Official has since branched out from body modification to also talk about the likes of alternative scene-queen fashion, artsy photography and books, music and movies, not to mention powerful videos on sexuality, relationships and her vegan diet. She is an inspiration for alternative women everywhere- we salute you, Nibbles.


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