REVIEW: Alteras – Grief

alteras grief.png

Image: Album artwork

There are few bands whose music goes through the entire rock spectrum. I mean, most just kind of pick a genre and stick to it, but not Ohio quintet Alteras. The post-hardcore, alt-rock, pop-rock combination band are all about sampling elements from different genres to create intricate and catchy rock gems—which is what their new album Grief is filled with.

First track ‘Broke’ is an aggressive roundhouse kick to the face. The fast-paced metalcore track features a good balance of intense screams and smooth clean vocals—with a couple riff-heavy breakdowns for good measure. A similar intensity is found in ‘Everything You Wanted’, which starts off with one of the mightiest hooks on the album. The song sounds very reminiscent of bands like A Day To Remember or Beartooth.

But the album isn’t just all punchy post-hardcore tracks like the rich, Hands Like Houses-esque ‘After All’ and hopeful, melodious ‘Something More’. We have the acoustic pop-rock gem ‘Black Box’ that has a very Cute Is What We Aim For quality to it. ‘Oh, Tragedy’ also has a very CIWWAF sound to it- well, the vocals do at least. The song itself is a thick, smooth alt-rock track.

One of the highlights of the album is the beautiful ballad ‘Could Ever Love’. The song features soft, expressive vocals and heavy, penetrating alt-rock riffs—all the makings of a concert banger. Speaking of concert bangers, we also have the very upbeat, pop punk-sounding ‘Feel’. The optimistic, airy tune sounds very ’90s pop rock, which we love!

Grief is a spirited album, filled with edgy riffs, aggression galore and punchy tunes that will get any alt-rock/post-hardcore enthusiast hooked.

Grief by Alteras is released on August 5th via Revival Recordings




alteras grief.png


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