REVIEW: Sianvar – Stay Lost


Image: Album artwork

Releasing their debut album Stay Lost after their 2014 self-titled EP are experimental post-hardcore supergroup Sianvar. This band consists of Will Swan (Dance Gavin Dance), Donovan Melero (Hail the Sun), Sergio Medina (Stolas), Joe Arrington and Michael Littlefield (A Lot Like Birds), so we can all agree there is some awesome talent in this band!

When listening to Stay Lost, you can’t deny the experimentation that has been put into this album. Tracks ‘Stay Lost’‘Omniphobia’ and ‘Anticoagulant’ carry a similar theme to each other, where they all start off  calm and slow before ripping out an insane and intricate guitar riff, fast-paced drums and belting, heartfelt vocals. We love the light and shade these songs give; we don’t know what’s coming next with them which makes the listening experience pretty exciting.

We are given a change of pace in ‘BedRoots’, with it’s marching drums and a different tone in the guitar. While listening, you are met with several layers which can get a little messy here and there. However, you have to give them credit for their amazing musicality; different sections of the songs can sound completely different and yet still flow so well together. ‘Coordinate Love‘ is, again, displaying their experimentation, giving an upbeat pop vibe, which we definitely don’t hate! This is the tune to dance to on this record.

‘Don’t Carry This’ delivers a dark, gothic feeling in its chorus, with its twisted use of notes, making it sound like we’re listening to a different band altogether. ‘1100 Days’ holds onto the upbeat feeling, bringing back those crazy guitar riffs. This song is a perfect example of showing different sides of music and bringing them together. We’ve got calming chords to raunchy riffs, and soft singing to cries, which is pretty impressive to bring together and not sound too chaotic.

We can see that Sianvar has settled into their sound with Stay Lost– this style suits them well and we can’t wait to see what they get up to next. This band definitely know how to keep people intrigued!

Stay Lost by Sianvar is released on 5th August via Blue Swan Records.




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