REVIEW: Faux – Inhale

faux inhale

Image: Album artwork

Faux are a dirty pop quartet from Southampton, coming off the back of their debut EP Patterns as well as support slots with the likes of Black Peaks & Turnover. Their new EP  Inhale is a five track EP which, for me, is the perfect EP length; anything less and I would feel cheated, anything more and you may as well hold out for an album.

It opens with the titular track, with its light verses and big anthemic choruses, there is a slight hint in this track of a mathy edge which makes what is essentially a standard song structure much more interesting. The math twinge of the rhythms is something that plays throughout this EP; the second track ‘Nerves‘ intro, for example, sounds like Tubelord and Two Door Cinema Club had a baby, and that is a really intriguing sound. The mixture of staccato and legato melodic guitar lines meshing with a pop/dance feel throughout the song is a nice marriage and works extremely well.

Listening through the EP you will start to notice the calling cards of this band, the particular rhythms or melodic runs, the general feel of the tracks and the tone of the EP being very similar. It’s good to hear an EP that has such a strong identity; it knows what it wants to be and how it wants to sound, and it just goes for it with gusto and palpable enthusiasm. There is intent behind the vocals, the power in the choruses reflecting nicely the softness of the verses. Again, this seems to be a calling card of Faux- soft verse followed by in-your-face chorus.

Once you start listening to this EP you’ll know what to expect. There are no big surprises hiding there, just some solid pop music by a solid band. I, for one, would love to hear the math influences come to the fore, but the commercial viability of the pop blood running through this EP seems too strong.

All in all, I dig this release- I think the tracks on it could definitely resonate with people and, more importantly for me, provide a stepping stone to a whole genre potentially missed by the listener, and that is something very special indeed.

Inhale by Faux is released on 5th August via self-release.

Words: Zandro Morreale


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