Where: The Lady Luck, Canterbury
When: 05/08/16
Rating: 3/5

Weak Nerves

Punk rock three-piece Weak Nerves are the first act for us this evening, and for the opening band they have managed to bring a crowd into this compact venue. Having released just the one EP, there is no surprise to which songs they are going to play in this short set. However, even though this is a short set they bring a huge amount of energy along with them, making sure that each person in the room has a good time – which is exactly what you want from a support act. Harmonies are tight and they even have members of the audience singing along to a few of their songs! All in all, a brilliant start to the night and just the pick me up we need.

Eat Me

Describing themselves as slacker-rock, Kent-based band Eat Me are next on the bill tonight. With two EPs under their belt, and quite a few gigs this year, it’s hardly surprising that the audience know enough to sing along. Eat Me know how to keep the crowd entertained, with constant interaction and riffs guaranteed to make you dance, their energy is infectious. You can tell just by looking at each members’ face that they absolutely love what they do, and give it their all. Having been recently signed this year, Eat Me are a band to look out for if you want to make sure you have a good time.


It’s finally time for grunge band Allusondrugs to take to the floor. We are catching them in the early stages of their headline UK tour, but they are all so in their element you wouldn’t notice. Having been collecting fans over the years, and their first time at this venue, it’s lovely to see people excited to rock out with them.

Thanks to the hypnotic vocals and confident presence of Jason Moules, Allusondrugs have full power of the room and make sure all focus is on them, proving that they are ones worth watching. It’s not a huge set, but they hurtle through every song with such passion and give it every ounce that they could possibly give. They fill us with contagious beats and riffs that we are forced to dance to, but we’re definitely not complaining. The vocalist takes gloves and hats from the audience to complete his outfit, but it’s interaction like this that fans absolutely love about Allusondrugs and urge it on more. You can see they love rocking out with crowds and smiling with new people, and it’s a great thing to watch.

It’s intimate and sweaty gigs like these that really show a bands’ true colours, and sometimes we just love to get down and gritty with them. Allusondrugs take you to a place where you can forget about the world and just enjoy it. Of course, having this energy reciprocated further by the crowd would have pushed this night to the top. But for their first time in this small venue it we caught a glimpse of what Allusondrugs can do, and we’re excited to see more.


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