REVIEW: Cold Years – Death Chasers

cold years album

Image: Album artwork

Scottish blue-collar punk band Cold Years are about to release their new EP Death Chasers. This band is all about creating uplifting rock music and wanting to push boundaries, and this EP definitely proves that!

When we start listening to Death Chasers, we are greeted with the single that has given this EP its name. This is when we meet the gravelly voice belonging to lead vocalist Ross Gordon, immediately and beautifully complimenting the guitar. A boost in the pace and an upbeat riff changes the tone of the song, displaying the diverse sounds Cold Years present. ‘Song For Our Ghosts’ is such a pure song that could fill that void of heartache; honest lyrics are blared, with Gordan’s raw voice somehow making them sound more genuine. Strong and tight drumming with punchy chords complete this belter of a track.

The pace is taken down a notch as we hear ‘Lines’, a gorgeously put together and emotional song. Heartfelt lyrics from the chorus linger in your mind and definitely bring up feelings of empathy. ‘Split Blood’ contains a pre-chorus that is almost poetic lyrically and, even though it is generally quite a cheery song musically, it still displays deep emotions of past experiences and heartache.

We come to an end with ‘Troublebound’, starting off with a soft guitar riff. It moves through different stages of the song so elegantly, focusing on gentle tones. Halfway through the song, hard drumming and strong chords are introduced – taking this song to the next level where you can visualise a crowd going from swaying their lighters to rocking out.

We can see that Cold Years have worked extremely hard on this EP, displaying great musicality throughout and authentic lyrics – and we think it’s paid off. Their punk roots give them that edge and should be on your list of bands to listen to!

Death Chasers by Cold Years is released on 13th August via Fat Hippy Records.


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