Introducing: Anna’s Anchor

anna's anchor

Image: Promo

Maybe it’s the accent, but music from Ireland always has a certain essence of beauty about it that seems unachievable outside of its shores. The latest artist to prove that is Anna’s Anchor, the brilliant brainchild of solo singer-songwriter Marty Ryan. With a bunch of new singles flying out lately in anticipation of his debut album Nautical Miles– which we can’t wait to hear next month- now is the prime time to check out this indie-emo masterpiece.

The soulful depth of Anna’s Anchor is plainly poignant for anyone to hear; however, what gets us most is how striking the simplicity of his music is. With the delicate, emotive tones of Dashboard Confessional and the rockier spunk of Jimmy Eat World, Anna’s Anchor brings a new, fresh, natural face to today’s indie scene.

Anna’s Anchor is preparing to unveil their debut album Nautical Miles in just a few short weeks, and, among other things, the album looks set to be a real tear-jerker. With tracks centred on abuse, broken homes and being under pressure, genuine humility and honestly pulses through the veins of Anna’s Anchor, and we’re sure to hear that in the new record.

It’s refreshing to hear one man unashamedly bare his soul for the world to see instead of hiding behind smoke and mirrors, and that’s what makes Anna’s Anchor so lovable, so relatable and so beautiful.

You can find out more about Anna’s Anchor here.


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