REVIEW: Landmarks – In Spite Of It All

landmarks ep

Image: Album artwork

Manchester quartet Landmarks almost didn’t get to release their new EP In Spite Of It All. The alt-rockers had just finished recording when the studio they were working in got broken into. Luckily their music was saved, and the incident provided the band with a new motto and a new outlook on life and music—and hey, they even got a cool EP title from it!

Though the band have definitely stepped more into the realm of alt-rock with this new release, it still has its punchy, upbeat pop punk moments. Opening track ‘Translucent’, for instance, has a very optimistic quality to it. Though the song has a pop punk feel (especially towards the end with the layered vocals) it doesn’t have that same in-your-face vivaciousness as typical pop punk—again, highlighting the more mellow alt-rock direction they’ve taken.

 ‘Cutting Strings’ has this same upbeat, bouncy vibe intertwined with alt-rock moodiness-and some more layered group vocals. The melody has quite a typical pop punk sound—we even hear the odd ’90s pop punk guitar riff in there—but the vocals and the actual construction of the song doesn’t. It’s more pop rock than anything else.

But don’t worry folks, it’s not just upbeat, sorta, but not really, pop punk tunes. The short, stripped-back ‘Limb From Limb’ highlights a more delicate side of the band and really shows off Brad‘s soft vocals. We also have the moody alt-rock ‘Friend Of Mine’, which has one of the catchiest guitar riffs on In Spite Of It All. And speaking of catchy, the massive ‘With Clarity’ rounds off the EP with a mixture of slow instrumentals and exciting, lively bursts of energy (it’s one of our favourites).

Nice work, dudes.

In Spite Of It All is out now via Scylla Records.


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