Classic “scene kid” merch we’ve all owned

From oversized hair bows to Hello Kitty sweaters, t-shirts, hoodies, pencil cases, credit card holders- well, everything, really-, the “scene kid” phase spawned a literal eternity of embarrassing, garish and sometimes downright scary fashion trends. When you crack open the door of the scene kid vaults even just an inch, you’re bombarded by the enormous back-catalogue of style that defined a generation. While a few teenage outcasts still carry the baton, “scene kid” is now an almost obsolete era that holds little more than nostalgia for most of us- and boy, does it have that in spades! It’s impossible to count all of its ridiculous crazes, but we’ve picked just five absolute classic choices from the scene collection to look back on and laugh (or cry…) about.

The My Chemical Romance ‘Black Parade’ Jacket

black parade jacket - pintrest

Image: Pintrest

This flamboyant, elaborate eyesore is the work of ultimate emo-come-scene band My Chemical Romance who, somewhere between funeral-themed music videos and dressing up like superheroes, decided to form their own marching band for their third album The Black Parade. Moon-eyed fans clung onto the band’s uniform and often donned it themselves, including this rather, um, striking jacket- customisable in silver or gold, and as a hoodie too, for the more casual Black Parade member.


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