REVIEW: My Only – This Room & You

my only cover

Self-proclaimed emo punks My Only are set to release their debut EP This Room & You. The Norfolk/Cambridge-based quartet have recently completed a short tour across the UK ahead of this release, and we’ve taken a listen to see what they’re all about.

Right from the outset, this EP kicks off with a lot of energy, literally from the first beat. The first track ‘A Little (Less)’ is a blend of both hardcore and punk, so raw it could be served in a sushi bar. The constant pounding snare in the first verse really drives this song along and gives it a high energy feel, although it lulls towards the end with an ambient and reverberating outro.

Next up we have ‘I Had to Pay for Every Breath I Took’ which starts off in much the same vein as the first track but it has a slightly more contrasting, dynamic structure, a mixture of guitar heavy verses and softer bridges make up a track that reminds us in a way of Enter Shikari; the vocalist has a similar screaming tone to his voice to that of Rou Reynolds and the musicianship is like one of Shakari’s more guitar driven tracks.

Third track ‘Saboteur’ shows off a much more mellow side to My Only’s song writing. This is the least choppy track of the record, with everything being played much straighter compared to the three other tracks. It flows into the start of the final track ‘No World Without You’, which has the catechist chorus of the bunch and is a fitting track to finish off the EP.

Overall, This Room & You is a raw, edgy and brooding release. Each song is short and sweet and gets exactly to the point without too much clutter. It has a DIY feel to it which is, in part, owed to its lo-fi sound, but that’s we’re seeing quite a lot of at the moment- and we like it.

This Room & You by My Only is release on September 2nd via Crooked Noise Records


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