REVIEW: Death Koolaid – Vol 2

death koolaid

Image: Album artwork

So Death Koolaid, we are told, were dug up from the dark depths of society, with a passion for creating hard-hitting music. They first released Vol 1 released back in 2014, followed by a lot of gigs in and around London.

It is now that we are presented with their next offering, the imaginatively titled Vol 2, and the first thing that strikes us about this is how clean the drums sound. For a grungy, hardcore punk band the production is really crisp which gives it quite an interesting sound from the get go! When we think female fronted hardcore we think of Vales or Code Orange (to a certain extent), who are just normal girls and guys making music, whereas Death Koolaid look like they didn’t quite get into the Suicide Squad and sound like Joan Jett if they were ten times angrier (and that is pretty ace!).

There are parts of this release that I really dig; there is a raw aggression that you don’t hear from many bands these days- just listen to the end of ‘Emmeline’ and you will hear it! The use of a disco beat in ‘Kids’ is another thing that is really interesting, to hear a heavy riff over a dance beat is great- it was cool when Pantera did it in Cowboys From Hell and it certainly is cool now. However, some of the vocal lines can be a bit same-y and rhythmically it can get a bit stagnant- the verse to ‘Emmaline’, for example, has no progression and sounds like a heavier Sex Pistols with the ascending note at the end of each line.

All in all this is some solid, angry, hard-hitting music and it makes us wonder, would we survive seeing them live? I’d like to find out…

Death Koolaid is released on 25th August via self-release.


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