REVIEW: Getting Worse – Better Things


Image: Album artwork

Do you like the current sound of Pop-Punk and Emo? If so, then you probably don’t need to read this review, because the odds are that you’ll enjoy Getting Worse the brand new album from Better Things. So go on, go get yourself a copy to enjoy with a nice pizza. We would have done, but as a magazine, we have to write about the music before we get to just sit back and enjoy.

Plus, we haven’t got any pizza in the office. Which sucks! (*Note: Do feel free to send us free pizza if you wish*).

There’s not really a huge amount to discuss here, so we shall keep this brief. We really enjoyed the (roughly) 45 minutes of play-time on offer here. It’s a joyous romp of roaring guitars, pounding percussion and all the angst-soaked lyrics you could ever hope for, delivered with a no holds barred attitude that brings out the frustrated teen in us all.

Highlights come in the form of tracks like ‘Exactly What You’d Think‘ (close your eyes and you could be excused for thinking that moments of this was the work of Tiny Moving Parts, such is the level of guitar excellence), the screaming, fist-pumping melodrama of ‘I Hate You‘ and the Moose Blood alike tinges of closing track ‘Ex-Files‘, an anthem for anyone with a shitty ex. Come on, you know you’ve got at least one. We all do!

So to sum up, what can be found here is excellent musicianship and a level of songwriting skill that when combined, create a refreshing take on a genre that can so often and so easily fall into cliche.

An impressive release that we’ll be playing for a long time to come.

Getting Worse by Better Things is out now via self-release.


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