REVIEW: Kamikaze Girls – Sad

kamikaze girls ep.jpg

London and Leeds duo Kamikaze Girls are about to drop their debut EP Sad, which comes with the message of “it’s okay to be sad” and aims to challenge the views and attitudes surrounding mental health. Formed from vocalist and guitarist Lucinda Livingstone and drummer Conor Dawson, we take a listen to see what they’re all about.

The record kicks off with an eerie reverberating guitar, with a tone similar to that of Kurt Cobain’s chorus-driven sound and, after the opening few bars of ‘Hexes’, we are hit with a crunchy, full-bodied riff which makes this a powerful opening track and the perfect beginning to the EP. It’s followed by ‘Stitches’; the verses and chorus have a real ’80s post-punk tone like that of The Cure or Joy Division, mixed with a riff driven by tons of attack.

At the halfway point we have the cheerily named track ‘I Hate Funerals’, with a simple yet powerful and effective riff to start off, displaying the range of different vocals on offer from Livingstone, whether she screaming her lungs out or singing- and sometimes near talking- it always perfectly fits the line and dynamic of music it accompanies.

One thing that is clear is that this record has been very well produced, and as we move onto the fourth track ‘Ladyfuzz’ (also the name of Lucinda Livingstone’s fanzine dedicated to women in the music industry) it’s obvious that a lot of time, effort and expertise has gone into finding the perfect balance between having a guitar tone that’s not only fuzzy, distorted and huge but also clear and controlled, accompanied by punchy and attack-driven drums; it makes for an all-round great sounding record.

The final track ‘Black Coffee’ and bonus track ‘Tonic Youth’ play us out of what we can really only describe as a powerful and near-perfect debut EP. The energy that each track carries alone is enough to make it an enjoyable release for most listeners.

Sad by Kamikaze Girls is out September 2nd via Bearded Punk (UK)


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