REVIEW: Not A Planet – Smoke Bombs & Cigarettes: The History Of Now

not a planet ep

Image: Album artwork

Rock ‘n’roll band, from Kansas City, Not A Planet are about to drop their new EP Smoke Bombs & Cigarettes: The History of Now. With their east coast indie and ’60s pop vibes, this is what we thought of their new EP!

As soon as we start the EP, we are met with groovy guitar with a surprising tone in the riffs in ‘The Feeling’. Its uplifting beat is an automatic pleaser, with lead vocalist Nathan Corsi giving us a smooth sound which compliments the tone perfectly. His vocals are full of passion which, from starting out as a busker in New York, he has plenty.

The upbeat feel continues in ‘Tell The Truth’, spoiling us with a tune we can easily dance to as the beat flows throughout. This song really shows us the vocal range that Nathan Corsi  possesses, easily reaching those high notes. Nearing the end of the song, a raw and gritty guitar solo vibrates the speakers, and we love it!

‘You When I Wake Up’ takes it down a notch and gives us a very light, bubbly and happy sound, which is matched with heartfelt lyrics. This catchy tune seems like it would fit any romantic-comedy film soundtrack.

We come to the end of the EP with ‘The World We Know’, which again comes at a different angle with its dark feel. The band really show they’re diversity and musicality with this track, near poetic lyrics are belted giving us quite an intense vibe.

Overall Not A Planet have given us a very easy listening EP that can suit any mood. With just four songs they have displayed such diversity, just giving us a glimpse of what they can do and what there is to come. We are pretty excited for what they do next!

Smoke Bombs & Cigarettes: The History Of Now by Not A Planet is out on 9th September via self-release.


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