Friends theme tune gets a rock makeover (well, sort of)

The Friends theme song is something that The Rembrandts (that’s the band who actually performed the ‘90s hit single) have been dining out on for years. Write a song, have it picked up by one of the biggest TV shows of all time to be their opening number, never have to work again- that’s the dream, right?

But it’s not only become a signature tune picked up by the TV shows obsessive fans, but a worldwide pop culture classic that pretty much everyone, from your grandad to the new generations who have only ever seen Ross and Rachel’s on-off relationship in Comedy Central re-runs, knows. It’s no surprise, then, that it has also been noticed by bands and artists as a great way to rack up YouTube hits and Spotify listens if you make a banging cover of it. We’ve scouted the web and found some pretty cool reinventions of the slightly-annoying-but-generally-enjoyable hit so you can check out the song you’ve heard about a thousand times- but now in a different key!




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