REVIEW: The Lounge Kittens – Sequins & C-Bombs

lounge kittens album

Image: Album artwork

Gorgeous, fiery, brazen. Just three words to describe smooth, sultry Southampton trio The Lounge Kittens, who are stepping out from their YouTube persona to unleash the full extent of their sass and style in debut album Sequins & C-Bombs. The album continues with their popular act of covering anything, from pop to punk, rock to reggae, grunge to garage, and everything in between.

Brimming with well-known hits, Sequins & C-Bombs has one thing that other debuts hardly ever achieve; there is literally guaranteed to be a hidden gem that you know and love somewhere in amongst its 15 tracks. Each classic tune, from Alice Cooper’s ‘80s goth-rock ‘Poison’ to The Prodigy mash-up ‘Smack My Firestarter To Outer Space’, has its own chic The Lounge Kittens makeover, transforming into a jaunty, ‘40s lounge number before our very eyes. Nothing is done by halves, and nothing is done without class.

Each song, despite how much we may have loved (or, in some cases, hated!) the original, is undoubtedly made buckets more entertaining after The Lounge Kittens have got their hands on it, and that playful, amusing performance is the shining star of this album. System of a Down’s ‘Bounce’ is turned into a theatrical show-tune, with vocal tricks and over-enunciated, tongue-in-cheek British accents making it so much fun. Their version Disturbed’s ‘Bodies’, instead of climaxing after its opening whispers with heavy metal riffs, opts for a wave of vocal acrobatics. The way the three members play around with their voices, especially in the triple-line “Here we go / Here we go / Here we go”, really brings out their individual identities, making this band vibrant with personality.

Bursting with energy and animation, not to mention stunning vocals and unique musicality, Sequins & C-Bombs is an absolute joy of a record. And it’s not just heavy rock that The Lounge Kittens have tackled; from Usher’s ‘Yeah’ to Toto’s ‘Africa’, it looks as though nothing out there is safe from these three pussycats’ claws.

Sequins & C-Bombs by The Lounge Kittens is released on 16th September via self-release.


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