Green Day are back – and we’re SO happy about it!

green day new

Image: Official Facebook

Punk legends Green Day have been teasing us for around a year now with Instagram clues and one-off performances hinting at a comeback, and the moment is finally upon us. After unleashing stellar new single ‘Bang Bang’- which became the band’s first number one on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Songs chart in seven years- the punk-rock trio have now announced a massive worldwide tour.

The band will hit up club shows across the US before heading our way for a bunch of Europe and UK arena dates- including Leeds, Manchester and London- at the beginning of 2017. We can’t wait for our favourite American Idiots to make their much-awaited return, and here are just a few reasons why their upcoming tour is going to be a Bang Bang-er!

1. Their new material could be awesome!

We can all admit that perhaps the last batch of albums from the Californian anti-heroes wasn’t their best work. Sure, ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tré! had some alright tunes, but given the band’s masterpieces in years gone by we just KNOW Green Day can do better. And it looks like they might be doing just that, if their latest single is anything to go by! ‘Bang Bang’ is a chaotic punk-rock track that sounds like a band heading back to their roots- and we hope new album Revolution Radio will prove us right!

2. The support band they’re bringing along are perfect for the job

The Interrupters– upbeat ska-punk band orchestrated with a little help from Rancid’s Tim Armstrong– are coming along for the ride to support Green Day during every single one of their European and UK tour dates. For a little ska band from Los Angeles, that’s not a bad gig! Their latest album Say It Out Loud, released in June, is bursting with fun, cool, catchy ska-punk numbers that are guaranteed to have everyone well and truly warmed up before the punk-rock icons hit the stage.

3. Green Day are one of the BEST live bands in the world. Like, ever. 

Okay, so we’re scratching our heads trying to remember the last time Green Day actually performed over on British soil (yes, it’s been that long!) but we know one thing for sure- whenever, wherever it was, they would’ve absolutely torn the house down. Green Day are known for their amazing live shows, with anarchic antics from the members, endless audience participation, killer set-lists that tick all the fan-favourite boxes and, above all, absolutely every person in the venue- band and crowd alike- has a total blast. Their live performances are enough to rival just about any rock band around these days, and we can’t wait to be a part of it again!


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