REVIEW: Chasing Cadence – Destroy Something Beautiful


Hertfordshire-based alternative rock band Chasing Cadence are releasing their new EP Destroy Something Beautiful. Having shared the stage with the likes of Don Broco, Taking Back Sunday and Vukovi, and appeared at the very popular Download Festival, they’ve already gained a fanbase, but we have no doubt their new EP will gain them more and more recognition!

We are immediately met with a short and sweet song, which goes by the name ‘It’s Not The Length That Counts, It’s What You Do With It’. With this, they have proved that you need quality, not quantity, to do something amazing and that, with an EP, you can experiment. It’s full of heavy riffs and hard drumming, and shows vocalist Jack Harris’ range brilliantly in its chorus through passionate lyrics. ‘Watching The World’ takes a similar approach, with guitar riffs that get embedded in your mind and screaming vocals making you believe everything they are saying.

‘Harbour’ and ‘Everyone Relax’ take a slightly different route. ‘Harbour’ starts off with riffs and fast-paced drumming before taking away the distortion and slowing the pace to gentler verses. The chorus in this song brings back the harder sounds we know and love, and combines it with lyrics that we can relate to, making for an easy listen. This song displays the diversity that Chasing Cadence can offer to a set. ‘Everyone Relax’ brings down the pace entirely with its light guitar and piano. We hear some electronics in there during the verses, but the chorus brings back that hard rock sound, with raw, yelled lyrics ‘This is who we are!‘, and we believe them!

We conclude the EP with ‘Dear Life’, which you may have heard if you’re a wrestling fan as it’s been used for the TNA Xplosion Wrestling theme tune- little trivia there for you! We can see why this song has been chosen; it’s great! There’s use of electronics, brilliant guitar riffs and solos which compliment the vocals, and it’s mixed very, very well.

Destroy Something Beautiful displays Chasing Cadence’s diversity extremely well, and we can tell they work great together when writing new material. We look forward to what else they can bring to the table!

Destroy Something Beautiful by Chasing Cadence is released on 16th September via self-release.


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