LIVE: Butserfest – Highlights | Part One

We headed down to Hampshire’s one-day drug-free festival Butserfest to see what they had in store for their very special tenth anniversary line-up. Check out just some of the bands we managed to catch throughout the day below in the first part of our bumper Butserfest review!

Rating: 3/5


Image: Marianne Harris

ZOAX are a band well known for their live presence; with intoxicating, enthralling and unconventional performances, this is a band who continually make an impact whenever the hit the stage. And, despite the downbeat looks on people’s faces as they stand in the pouring rain awaiting one of the main stage’s earlier bands, this is still no exception. ZOAX persevere with ferocious yet funky songs such as ‘The Bad Blood’ and ‘Devil Dance’, even wading into the mud to force a smile onto people’s faces. Their effort pays off, and it works- by the end of their set, ZOAX have lifted our spirits and got us right in the festival mood.

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