LIVE: Butserfest – Highlights | Part Two

Check out the second part of our bumper Butserfest review, the UK’s biggest and best drug and alcohol-free festival. We headed down there and caught a bunch of awesome bands- and this is just a few of them!

Rating: 2.5/5


Image: Marianne Harris

Butserfest, despite its ten-year run, still continues to be a haven for underground bands, making it a great place to check out some fresh new faces of the music industry. This year, Tigress are one of those bands. Their fledgling innocence and youth does show in the tent today, especially as they play alongside some big names who have been doing the rounds for years, but that doesn’t really matter too much; they use their humble, down-to-earth modesty to their advantage and, along with pretty yet strong vocals and a cheery vibe, they manage to pull it off pretty well.

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