Fresh-faced quartet from Exeter, Glasstide, are dropping their debut EP Lights, and we’re looking forward to what they have to offer. Having supported bands such as The Dirty Youth, and with a couple of headline shows under their belts too, let’s see what we thought of their short but sweet debut EP!

Immediately we hear that raw, rock ‘n’ roll sound we all love in ‘Be There’, and we are met with a mature yet gritty voice from lead vocalist Gav Bolt. This track gives us what we want in a rock song: great verses, a catchy bridge and one hell of a good chorus that you can catch onto instantly.

Next up is title track ‘Lights’. Strong guitar chords with that classic rock tone fills our eardrums as the pace of the song kicks in; it’s maybe not the catchiest of beats, but the chorus makes up for it. We can imagine seeing this live and then inevitably singing it on the car ride home. ‘Since You’ve Gone gives us a solid riff to grasp onto and we are drawn into the song. We hear some harmonies in the chorus from guitarist Tristan Gaskell, which are on point and gives us a more dynamic sound to listen to. Nearing the end of the song we get some instrumental and guitar solos that are simply meant for head-banging, and we love that!

We end the EP with ‘You’re Not Worth It’, and it gives us a completely different sound to the other songs. It’s very pop-punk; we’re definitely not complaining about that, we love pop-punk over here! We catch some more harmonies, which complete the song, and we also hear a little more of lead vocalist Gav Bolt‘s range as he hits those high notes with ease. It’s a solid song with a great message of not taking crap from anyone when they’re not good to you. Picking up the pace throughout, the track only serves to reiterate its message over and over.

Overall, we think Lights is a great debut EP. We see a little range in the sound that Glasstide are going for, and it’ll sure be interesting to see what they do in the future, whether it be straight up rock ‘n’ roll or leaning into more of a pop-punk sound. Either way, we’re excited to see what they’re going to do next!


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