Landmarks reveal live footage video for ‘With Clarity’

landmarks promo.jpg

Image: PR

Northern alt-rock band Landmarks have unveiled the brand new video for their latest track ‘With Clarity‘ featuring exciting footage from their recent live performances.

Landmarks set out on tour not all too long ago, and their most recent video is a result of these tour dates. Speaking of the latest┬átrack ‘With Clarity‘, which is taken from the band’s new EP In Spite Of It All, Landmarks frontman Brad has said: “Thematically it revolves around a friendship that has deteriorated, something I witnessed first hand. A close friend continued to make the same mistake again and again to the point where I felt like giving up on him. But, thankfully, the situation was resolved, he got past it and he’s in a much happier place now emotionally. It was hard to see him going through such bad times – even if it was mostly down to his own bad decisions.”

In Spite Of It All hit the shelves back in August, and you can pick it up now!


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