REVIEW: God Damn – Everything Ever


Rock duo God Damn are about to release their sophomore album Everything Ever. The duo, who released their debut album Vultures in 2015, have already gained quite the reputation for their hard-rock-meets-punk-rock-with-a-hint-of-grunge sound and their electrifying live performances. But does their new album Everything Ever have the same raw boldness as its predecessor or has it fallen into the dreaded “second album curse”? Let’s find out.

Right off the bat the thick, heavy sounds of the distorted, punk rock ‘Sing This’ and the loud, grunge fullness of ‘Ghost’ set the tone for the auditory assault that is Everything Ever. In true punk rock fashion, the album is chaotic, loud and generous in terms of instrumentation and catchy, hard-hitting riffs.

From the ’70s psych-rock tones in ‘Again Again’ to the melancholy, alt-rock sound of ‘I’ll Bury You’, God Damn are skilled at making rich, layered tracks to get you lost in, or better yet, stuck in. The all-consuming viciousness of the album almost makes you feel as though your head is about to explode with every passing song. Though there are some less violent tunes, like the soft, murky ballad (or as much ballad as these guys can do) ‘Easily Mislead’. ‘Oh No’ is another one of these mellower tracks. Still packing a subtle rock n roll punch with its raw vocals and passionate, moody riffs, the song has a very upbeat, ’70s rock sound.

The wild brutality of the album makes it the perfect soundtrack to every anarchy-filled, anti-authority act of chaos. You can almost hear the spray cans and wild youth when blasting ‘Failure’ or the fast-paced, violent ‘It Bites’.

The forceful album contains elements of hard rock, ’70s psych rock, punk, grunge and good old alt-rock, and we have to admit, it’s pretty interesting. God Damn have been quite fearless in experimenting with different tones and textures, and it has paid off. Everything Ever is an impressive album, and even if it’s not really your thing, give it a listen—even if you just want to talk about how interesting or intricate that one hook was.

Everything Ever by God Damn is released on 23rd September via One Little Indian Records.


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