Sounds of the summer

The summer is finally drawing to a close and, man, what a summer it’s been! Right up until the September heatwave, we’ve been making the most of those sunny days here at Drop This– but we’re not ready to say goodbye just yet! Our contributors have picked their favourite tracks of 2016 that became their ultimate songs of the summer this year. Find out what we’ve all been listening to and help us hang onto the sunshine just a little longer!

Sober – blink-182

Though they might not exactly be the blink that we remember, pop-punk kings blink-182 are back with a new band member and new music—and it’s pretty freakin’ great. We were all sceptical about California—after all, it is the first release without pop-punk veteran Tom DeLonge—but honestly, it exceeded expectations. It’s classic blink with a twist (aka Matt Skiba). I dig it. I also greatly dig ‘Sober‘ which has been my number one summer anthem since it came out. It’s so insanely catchy that you’re belting it out at the top of your lungs after just one play (“blah blah blah….. SOBER. NA NA NA NA NA“). Catchy as hell! And here at Drop This, we are all about pop-punk sing-alongs, my friends! And honestly, there’s nothing like a good “na na na” to get you in the sunglass-wearing, windows-down-blasting, reckless-behaviour kind of mood. Summer essential.
Sadan Mustafa


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