You may have heard of this hard rock band by their previous name BITCH&CHIPS, having opened for KISS in the past. This quartet grew up within the gothic beauty of Prague, which has become a huge influence to their sound. Now named DARKH, they are ready to release their debut album A Story Yet Untold. Read on to see what we thought of it!

The first track on this album, cleverly named ‘Enter The Darkh’, is an instrumental piece. It’s pretty intense when you first start listening to it, but it sets the dark and broody tone of the entire album with it’s strong drum beats and electronic sounds. ‘F.I.N.E’ is the next track, where we hear some definite influence of Alice Cooper in the vocals and a chorus that is catchy and is simple, stripping back the sort of sound that DARKH are creating.

‘I Wanna Be Free’ and ‘Bury Our Bones’ take a more glam approach with sexy guitar riffs. We can hear raw and energetic vocals, and screams to compliment them. For a debut album, it’s dripping with sophistication in the musicality. They really know who they are.

‘I Don’t Care’ begins with drums that force your feet to start tapping. This song is stripped down a little from the previous songs, where in the verses we can hear the bass guitar and the vocals are softer. We hear the familiar belting vocals and an instrumental with a sensual guitar solo!

We move on to ‘Dead Man’s Toll’, which takes quite a different approach. It’s the usual hard-hitting and catchy song, and once we draw closer to the end it calms down to acoustic guitar and lyrics being spoken over it. The vocals are so dark and deep that it suits the rest of the song; however, it does take the energy down a notch.

‘Motionless’ is slower, but still fills our eardrums with the same amount of energy. It starts off with strong guitar chords and verses with strong bass. The chorus is so catchy, you’ll be singing it for hours after you’ve listened to it.

The album draws to a close with ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’, which takes another approach by starting off with gentle piano and soft vocals. It’s a little easier to listen to the lyrics and find the story in this song; there’s so much passion in them. A little over halfway, the drums build the pace up a little. Guitar is then built up over the top before finishing on pure piano. It’s a great song- perhaps this would have been better placed in the middle of the album? But we still love it.

Overall, if you’re into hard rock and glam metal you’ll absolutely love it. A Story Yet Untold is taking influences from some of the greatest but making their own sound, and that’s what makes it great. It’s tight and very polished for a debut album, and they really seem to know what they want to create and what they love. But that’s what this industry is about right? We’re looking forward to what they do next!

A Story Left Untold by DARKH is released on 29th September.




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