REVIEW: Boston Manor – Be Nothing.

boston manor album.jpg

The British are known for many things- our love of tea, our obsession with the weather, our dodgy teeth- but something we should be most proud of is our rich tapestry of musical history. But that’s not just something that began and ended with the Beatles and the Stones, y’unno- our industry is still going strong, and it’s mostly thanks to the awesome underground alternative scene we’ve got right now. Boston Manor, with the release of their debut album Be Nothing., are part of that.

From the fuzzy intro of ‘Burn You Up’, Be Nothing. is just tingling with the excitement of a band who are finally breaking out of the cusp they have balanced on for the past year or so. Alternative music is the place to be right now, and we hear touches of Boston Manor’s contemporaries throughout the albums. The fellas in Moose Blood can relate to the young, rootsy, coming-of-age emotion in the likes of ‘Laika’, while ‘Cu’ has the punky spunk of bands such as ROAM and ‘Broken Glass’ takes on the more solemn, sombre sound of Creeper. Each of these bands are bringing something fresh to UK music right now, and Boston Manor are now part of the gang.

There is enough gritty heart to Be Nothing., however, that gives Boston Manor their own identity. Between the youthful, boisterous ‘Forget-Me-Not’ and the bleak, honest perspective of ‘Stop Trying, Be Nothing’, Boston Manor speak the voice of this generation with both sides of the coin; they capture the limbo of being free and being stuck that 20-somethings today so often find themselves in. Even when using American post-hardcore influences in ‘Kill Your Conscience’, Boston Manor never lose their quintessentially British twang, making them endearingly relatable.

With Be Nothing., Boston Manor have unleashed something brutally unrefined and candid but, at the same time, a crisp, clean debut that impresses and excites. Their sincere songwriting is both cynical and charming, and cuts like a knife, which just adds another exhilarating notch to the bedpost of British music.

Be Nothing. by Boston Manor is out on 30th September via Pure Noise Records.


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