REVIEW: Yellowcard – Yellowcard


Not many bands announce their final album ahead of time. Most of them wait until an album is released, a tour or two is completed and then call it quits without warning. But beloved pop-punk crew Yellowcard (who we never wanted to see break up) announced months ago that their new self-titled would be their last release. So going in, we knew emotions would be running high.

To say Yellowcard has done a lot for the alternative music scene is an understatement. The band helped pioneer the genre—using the most unconventional instrument ever employed by a pop-punk band, a violin. But that’s Yellowcard all over. They did what they did, they made the music they loved and made us love them. They didn’t change with the seasons or dishonour their legacy. They just tried to make each album better than the last. And knowing this album is their last makes everything sound different—the words are softer, the lyrics are more pop-punk, and the instrumental work is more intricate.

Right from the get-go ‘Rest In Peace’ radiates that hopeful Yellowcard spirit. With its optimistic melody and vibrant violin strokes, the song is an ode to classic Yellowcard and that spark that made them such an important part of pop-punk. ‘What Appears’ and ‘A Place We Set Afire’ has similar vibes, with both tracks confidently evoking teenage nostalgia.

‘Got Yours’ is laced with heavy, early pop-punk vibes, reminiscent of the band’s Still Standing/One For The Kids days, whereas the unexpected ‘I’m A Wrecking Ball’ features a very stripped-back, country sound. The mid-tempo ‘The Hurt Is Gone’ is an alt-rock dream. The melodious, expressive track really does sound like goodbye, making it all the more heartbreaking.

From the heartfelt ‘Leave A Light On’ to the pop-punk rager ‘Savior’s Robes’, even on this final album, Yellowcard haven’t strayed from who they are. And there’s truly no better way to say goodbye.

Yellowcard by Yellowcard is out now via Hopeless Records


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