REVIEW: The Dissociates – After Hours at the Violet Club


Hackney-based punks The Dissociates are back with their brand new EP After Hours at the Violet Club. This is the band’s first release since their brief hiatus, and their first release on Safety Second Records. We’ve had a listen to see what they have to offer.

The first track ‘Delete All’ wastes no time and gets straight to the point, kicking off with feedback and pounding drums, while the constant snare and chainsaw guitars drive the rest of the song along. It’s a short but sweet introduction, just coming in under the three-minute mark and setting us up for the next track, ‘Dial House’.

‘Dial House’ has a different feel; with its slightly discorded main riff and half-time pace it has a more melodic approach. It’s tided together by the bass, and it’s easy to find yourself nodding away to this track. The penultimate track ‘Radio Galway’ starts off with a arpeggiated guitar riff, before becoming another guitar driven toe-tapper.

The finial track ‘Long Player’ tells the untold story of a friend’s dad who passed away after battling cancer. He had played on the underground music scene for 60 years, and rather than chase fame, he was more than content with just being able to do what he loved. The song is a fitting tribute and really gives a sense of how much of an inspiration he was to frontman Dan Stevens, who is now in possession of a golden jacket the late musician wore on stage. After Hours at the Violet Club is well worth a listen to anyone who likes their punk with a melodic edge.

After Hours at the Violet Club by The Dissociates is out now via Safety Second Records


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