LIVE: You Me At Six / VANT

Where: Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone
When: 05/10/16
Rating: 4/5



Image: Official Facebook

If, for some reason, you managed to completely skip over the ‘00s guitar band era the likes of Arctic Monkeys and The Vaccines, then don’t worry because VANT are here to give you a second chance. The northern quartet throw in elements of Brit-pop, alt-rock, indie and garage rock to create an energetic, youthful, impassioned support set that sees the crowd enthralled and excited. They have something to say- which is something we love to see from this generation of artists- and, as they mature as individuals and develop as a band, we’re sure that VANT will only get louder with time.

You Me At Six


Image: Official Facebook

Last time You Me At Six toured the UK they headlined the O2 Arena, a 20,000 capacity venue; tonight, they play Folkestone, a seaside town whose most renowned venue, Leas Cliff Hall, boasts a capacity of 1,500. Those numbers seem crazy, but fans of the band since the old days will know that small, sweaty venues like this are where You Me At Six feel most at home.

Arena shows are not for this band; this band provokes aggression, heart, emotion, and everything that pours out of them is far better placed in rowdy, intimate shows where You Me At Six can really connect with their fans, without whom they wouldn’t exist. The atmosphere in Folkestone is electric, particularly for weeknight, and the crowd are relentless, full of boisterous energy and adoration. Between international success and festival headliners, it’s been a while since You Me At Six have been at this level with their fanbase, and that shows; the band seem overjoyed to be playing a gig like this and it’s great to see them genuinely love what they do.

Despite still not performing songs from their first album (that’s a long-term gripe over here!) You Me At Six compile a satisfying setlist, from brand new tracks ‘Plus One’ and ‘Swear’, which receive a warm welcome, to harsh, heavy headbangers ‘Bite My Tongue’ and ‘Loverboy’. Every tune they play, be it heartfelt ballad or riotous sing-a-long, sends the crowd into a frenzy, and there isn’t a moment where people stand still; ‘Forgive and Forget’ sees people clambering onto shoulders and wailing away, while ‘Reckless’ and ‘Stay With Me’ throw people into huge, fierce mosh pits- whether they like it or not!

The final three songs encapsulate everything You Me At Six are, and always have been, about: ‘No One Does It Better’, full real, honest emotion; ‘Room To Breathe’, brutal, earthy and chaotic; and ‘Night People’, a groovy rock number that shows the band looking to the future, a perpetual habit. We can’t wait to see what their new album brings but, before they are undoubtedly thrust back into the big leagues, we’re glad we caught them back in a little local venue, where they are at their best in years.


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