REVIEW: Six Time Champion – More Than Me


Brighton pop-punk crew Six Time Champion haven’t exactly been that active as of late. Following their tour with pop-punkers Homebound, the quintet spent the second half of 2015 writing new music—more specifically, their new EP More Than Me. And with its release just two days away, we wanted to find out: was it worth the wait?

In true pop-punk fashion, opening track ‘Lost’ is a bouncy, energetic tune featuring fast-paced drums, optimistic guitar riffs, and angst-filled lyrics about past failures. And though the song contains everything you’d expect to hear in a generic pop-punk tune, the song’s raw The Story So Far-like passion and rough vocals from James Dagg makes for a very catchy tune. ‘Every Angle’ has that same infectious pop-punk appeal. The melodious sing-along of a song deals with the idea of being tired and never having the time to rest—something us 20+ year-olds can relate to. The song deals with the classic underlying pop-punk theme that growing up sucks.

‘Down’ has a similar kind of fast-paced energy, but differs in tone and mood—there are even some alt-rock vibes thrown in there. The melancholy track’s use of punchy drums, cheery, bright guitar riffs and gritty, expressive vocals to highlight the self-deprecating lyrics works extremely well. The track is a nice addition to the other standard pop-punk melodies. Elsewhere the acoustic ‘Uneasy’ is a nice change of pace that puts James Dagg’s (thankfully-not-fake-American) vocals in the forefront. And closing track ‘Doubt’ is a vivacious tune with guitar riffs fit for any 90s pop-punk crew.

There is nothing to say about this EP that hasn’t been said about another pop-punk release before. It’s not groundbreaking. They haven’t changed the game or invented a new style of pop-punk—but that’s okay. The EP is fun, upbeat and can provide you with one hell of a sing-along. So what the hell more do you want? It’s a solid release from a solid band.

More Than Me by Six Time Champion is released October 14th via self-release.


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