REVIEW: Boat Race Weekend – Throw Your Head To The World!


Raw. Honest. Introspective. Those are just some of the words you might use to describe the recent resurgence of emo rock, a genre first popularised by the likes of Jimmy Eat World and Dashboard Confessional in the early ‘00s. The genre died down a little over time, but Emo 2.0 clawed its way back in the past year or two in gutsy, brutal fashion. As such, enter bands like Boat Race Weekend.

Despite their American roots, Boat Race Weekend’s new EP Throw Your Head To The World! could easily be plucked from the musical catalogue of British bands Boston Manor and Moose Blood, with the rough, strangled vocals and the bitter edge of ‘Better Days’. The emo influence is huge, particularly with the melancholic, romantic undertones of ‘The Winter’, a track which feels lost, broken and even self-deprecating at times, showing how the heart-on-your-sleeve aspect of original emo bands hasn’t been lost on this generation.

With a warm, tonal, poignant voice that sounds startlingly similar to that of Counting CrowsAdam Duritz– but nestled in a much darker, heavier home than that of the Crows- Boat Race Weekend give real personality to their music. But despite this heartfelt tone, songs such as ‘Broken Teeth’ have some undeniably bad vibes and ‘She, The Ocean’ has an unmistakable ferocity, perhaps even anger, with its fast, guitar-led pace; make no mistake, this is not a happy record!

Throw Your Head To The World! is an impassioned, volatile EP that packs punchy, potent lyrics and a gut-wrenching honesty into just four tracks. It’s emo for the new kids and, damn, we hope they like it!

Throw Your Head To The World! by Boat Race Weekend is released on 14th October 2016 via self-release.


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