REVIEW: You Know The Drill – Losing Streak


We all know what to expect from pop-punk. Every now and then a band might come along who define the genre for a generation or, even better, redefine it; those bands, however, are rarer than once in a blue moon. For the most part, we get plenty of good- but not ground-breaking- pop-punk records. With their latest EP Losing Streak, where do You Know The Drill fit in?

Well, the name is pretty apt; we do know the drill, as it’s fairly obvious early on that this going to be another solid, but standard, pop-punk release, something we’ve heard dozens of times. But still, that doesn’t negate from the powerful, youthful energy of the record, or the awesome punk spirit this band possess. Matching the spunk of similar bands such as ROAM and Seaway with tracks like ‘Peer Pressure’ and ‘411’, You Know The Drill prove they have just as much to give as anyone else out there right now.

The problem we have with bands like You Know The Drill- and they certainly aren’t alone here- is that it’s hard to find something different, something intriguing and interesting, in a genre with quite so many competitors. But we do see flashes of great potential with Losing Streak; ‘Heads Up’ is a great festival anthem with a fun, bouncy vibe, while ‘Repose’ blends the smooth style of 2016 blink-182 with harsh, unpolished angst, giving us substance and depth.

You Know The Drill are typical of a young band just starting out, finding their pop-punk feet and testing out proven formulas to see what works for them. Losing Streak is a good start, but we hope that their next release will show them exploring their own path a little more.

Losing Streak by You Know The Drill is released on 28th October via Scylla Records.


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