REVIEW: William Control – Revelations Part 1 ‘The Pale’


William Control has finally announced the details of his awaited album Revelations, and he has taken a fresh approach by releasing the album in four separate EPs. The first of these, The Pale, is made up of four songs and you can’t say he isn’t trying to keep his audience on their toes!

Being known as the frontman of Aiden, and as quite the producer, we were intrigued to listen to Control’s new creation. The EP starts off with ‘The Monster’, where we are instantly met with his deep voice and some soft synth sounds in the background. A strong electronic beat then continues, and it’s pretty addictive. His voice echoes in your ear drums and sounds very dangerous- but we’re willing to take the risk.

The next song, ‘Confess’, takes a step down with the pace, and its sinful lyrics are powerful. The electronic sounds suit this song perfectly, and makes it an overall very catchy and easy-listening tune. ‘When The Love Is Pain has a slightly upbeat synth sound and a little more variety. With Will’s raw and gritty voice, he could make anything sound good. You can almost feel the emotion in his voice throughout this song. We get an instrumental full of electronic beats and voices in this track, which completes the song.

We draw the EP with a close a slow song ‘Mother Superior’. This sums up the EP, with its honest lyrics, catchy beat and a hell of a chorus to listen to.

William Control definitely displays his song writing skills with these songs, all well written and mature. It displays an experimental style, blending strong electronic beats but still managing to keep the gothic feel to it. Overall, we think Revelations is going to be a great series of songs once we can listen to them all together. The Pale is a great EP, giving us a little sense of what we are going to be expecting next, and we’re very intrigued to hear more!

Revelations: The Pale by William Control is released on 14th October.


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